$749 Attorney Fee for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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$749 Attorney Fee

$749 Attorney fee + $299 bankruptcy court filing fee + $52 court costs = $1,100 TOTAL for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Includes the Chapter 7 bankruptcy court appearance. Nothing extra for attorney fee! Nothing more for attorney fee!

You never work with a paralegal, you always work with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy court attorney. That is what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney fee pays for. People phone, I pick up, 24/7. The only exception is when I am in bankruptcy court or, talking with a client about a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Messages are promptly returned. Chapter 7 bankruptcy consultations are by appointment only, Monday to Friday, 9:00 A.M., to 5:00 P.M.

The Chapter 7 attorney fee can be paid in installments. The larger the down payment to get started, the faster the start. The total of $1,100 (which includes the $749 chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney fee) must be paid before the Chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed with the bankruptcy court; Cash, check, or Money Order. The bankruptcy court does not allow me to accept plastic to pay the attorney fee. Choose one of the following first appointments and call attorney :

Peter J. Daniels at (800) 650-4401.

Amount paid to get started

Length of consultation

What is done during the Chapter 7 bankruptcy consultation


30 min

Free consultation to discuss bankruptcy court. No bankruptcy court paperwork is initiated.

$100 fee

1 hour

Your information is obtained to complete opening your bankruptcy court file. Written retainer is read, discussed, and signed. Written receipt is provided. Written disclosure of requirements of Bankruptcy Code section 527 is made. Copy of the questions are provided that are asked at the one bankruptcy court appearance that has to be made. The $100 paid is credited toward the $749 bankruptcy attorney fee for a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

$300 fee

1 hour 30 minutes

All of the above is completed. Additionally, a bankruptcy court To Do List of 9 items is provided. Usually 4 items on the list are completed during the appointment. About 75% of all the work you and I will ever do together is completed. The $300 paid is credited toward the $749 bankruptcy court attorney fee.

$1100 fee

1 hour 30 minutes

All of the above is completed. Your case is fast tracked which means your case will receive priority scheduling ahead of other bankruptcy files. The $1,100 paid fully pays the $749 bankruptcy court attorney fee + the $299 bankruptcy court filing fee + $52 court costs.

All the papers that will eventually be needed for the bankruptcy court is not knowable until the completion of the first consultation. So, there is no need to bring papers to the first consultation. Please bring your driver’s license and social security card. Married people should bring their spouse.

Peter J. Daniels, Bankruptcy Attorney (800) 650-4401

As a bankruptcy court Attorney, I am a debt relief agency.

Practicing law for 39 years.

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